Welcome to the Red Deer Community Events Calendar!

Your one stop shop for finding out what's happening in and around Red Deer!

This calendar is produced collaboratively by The City of Red Deer, the Downtown Business Association, Tourism Red Deer and the Volunteer Red Deer.

For more information on the calendar, please e-mail communications@reddeer.ca. Check back often to learn more about what's on in our community!

Upcoming Events

2017/09/23       Canada 150 + Peace and Unity Moving Forward
2017/09/23       MAGSaturdays : Foxy Oil Painting
2017/09/23       Matt Paterschuk in concert
2017/09/25 to 2017/09/26       Roller Derby for Girls, Boys, Men and Women
2017/09/25 to 2017/09/27       MAGSparks: Paper landscapes
2017/09/25       MAGSparks: Paper landscapes
2017/09/26       Caregiver Connections
2017/09/26       Fancy Pants Wine & Art Night
2017/09/27       ATB Financial Downtown Market
2017/09/27 to 2017/09/30       Bull Skit Comedy - Sketch Festival
2017/09/27       MAGSparks: Paper landscapes
2017/09/27       MiniMAG:Tufted Tissue Flowers
2017/09/27       Red Stags of Red Deer Battle Group
2017/09/27       Volkssport Walkers of Central Alberta
2017/09/28 to 2017/09/29       Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
2017/09/29 to 2017/10/01       Alberta Culture Days
2017/09/29       Hootannany
2017/09/29       Hootenany
2017/09/29 to 2017/09/30       Legends Of Carnegie Hall starring Alison MacDonald and Morgan McKee
2017/09/29       Red Deer Reads Launch Party
2017/09/29       Senior Drop in Fridays!
2017/09/30       "Celebration of Dance"
2017/09/30       Garlic City Market and Fall Harvest Supper
2017/09/30 to 2017/10/01       Handstand Certification – Level 1
2017/09/30       MAG Tour:Behind Closed Doors: Art Collection
2017/09/30       MAGSaturdays: Outlined Animals
2017/09/30       Red Deer Oktoberfest Half Marathon and 5k/10k Run
2017/09/30       Red Deer Ski Club registration Day
2017/10/01       Just a Few Lines: Performance by Paul Boultbee
2017/10/01       Mysteries and More: Meet Gail Bowen
2017/10/02 to 2017/10/03       Roller Derby for Girls, Boys, Men and Women
2017/10/02 to 2017/10/03       FOUNDATIONS OF VOLUNTEER MANAGEMENT
2017/10/02       MAGSparks:Creating Artist Tools
2017/10/02       Regular Council Meeting
2017/10/03       Caregiver Connections
2017/10/04       ATB Financial Downtown Market
2017/10/04 to 2017/11/22       CMHA - Art of Friendship
2017/10/04       MAGSparks:Creating Artist Tools
2017/10/04       MiniMAG: Patterned Landscapes
2017/10/04       Self-Care for Parents & Caregivers
2017/10/04       Travel Memories at the Library
2017/10/05 to 2017/11/23       CMHA - Wellness Recovery Action Planning
2017/10/05       DayCamp: Grow It, Make It, Eat It
2017/10/05       Toddlers and Strollers
2017/10/06       Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Tune-Up Workshop
2017/10/06       DayCamp: Grow It, Make It, Eat It
2017/10/06       Senior Drop in Fridays!
2017/10/07       Live Band Swing Dance with Shaguar
2017/10/07       MAGSaturdays: Pumpkin Invasion Landscapes
2017/10/07       Red Deer Symphony Orchestra
2017/10/07       Road to Worlds Run Lacombe
2017/10/10       Roller Derby for Girls, Boys, Men and Women
2017/10/10       Caregiver Connections
2017/10/11       MAGSparks:Inspired by Dine
2017/10/11       MiniMAG: Little Engines
2017/10/11       Stephen Palmer Dinner and Concert
2017/10/11       Talking to Children About Mental Illness
2017/10/12 to 2017/11/30       CMHA - Living Life to the Full
2017/10/12 to 2017/10/13       Facilitator Training
2017/10/13       Senior Drop in Fridays!
2017/10/14       MAGSaturdays : Guest Artist
2017/10/14       Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater
2017/10/14       Popovich's Comedy Pet Theater
2017/10/14       World Famous Popovich PET Theatre
2017/10/15       In-Trenched: A closer look at art made by & for Canadian Soldiers
2017/10/16 to 2017/10/17       Roller Derby for Girls, Boys, Men and Women
2017/10/16       MAGsparks :Bright Colours; Wild Music!
2017/10/17       Art in the AM: Calming Find It Bottles
2017/10/17       Caregiver Connections
2017/10/18       Helping Children 12 & Under Learn to Make Good Decisions
2017/10/18       MAGsparks :Bright Colours; Wild Music!
2017/10/18       MiniMAG:Kandinsky Felt Boards
2017/10/20 to 2017/10/22       CMHA - Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)
2017/10/20       HomeSchool@ the MAG :From Farms to Food!
2017/10/20       HomeSchool@ the MAG :From Farms to Food!
2017/10/20       Senior Drop in Fridays!
2017/10/21 to 2017/10/22       Kick it to the Curb
2017/10/21       MAGSaturdays: Enormous Candy.... Drawings
2017/10/21       Shalom's Fall FriendRaiser
2017/10/22       MAG Sampler:Felt It: With Needles with Monica Robinson
2017/10/23 to 2017/10/24       Roller Derby for Girls, Boys, Men and Women
2017/10/23       MAGsparks: Multifaceted Pictures